Shawnee German-American Club

Shawnee, KANSAS U.S.A.


Tradition and friendship.

German beer and food. German music and dancing. These are just a part of what we do. A fun part, to be sure, but belonging to our club means more.

Belonging to our club means tradition and friendship.

We look forward to festivities and celebrations that carry forward some of the best things from our shared past while we look to the future.

We look forward to partnerships, in the community, that make a difference.

We look forward to making new friends.

We are also looking forward to having you, and your family, in our club!

A Family membership is still only $25.00 per year.

A Single membership is still only $20.00 per year.

A Student membership is still only $5.00 per year.

(with a copy of student ID)

Make a difference, today.

Come join us...just for the fun of it!

Our Shawnee-German American Club Officers for 2017/2018

>President - Dennis Busby

>Vice President - Mary Anne Weding

>Treasurer - Ken Sherfey

>Recording Secretary - Aggie Willoughby

>Communication/Information Officer - Michael Kraft

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© Shawnee German-American Club - Shawnee, KS


“The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving.”

Albert Einstein

Make a difference today.